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Sonora Economic Development Corporation
P.O. Box 555
Sonora, TX  76950
(325) 387-6280

Sonora Industrial Development Corporation, doing business as Sonora Economic Development Corporation (SEDC), was incorporated in 1980 for the specific public purpose of the promotion and development of commercial, industrial and manufacturing enterprises to promote and encourage employment and the public welfare.

In 1998, the City of Sonora voted for a one half cent 4B sales tax increase, to be collected in the city.  The City Council gave authorization to SEDC to use these funds, according to state law, to further the economic, community and infrastructure development of the city.

SEDC hired the tourism development consulting firm, AdventGX, in 2007, to help our community develop the Sonora Economic Development Initiative.  Extensive data was collected from a series of public workshops and the compilation of the data provided our community with an innovative, extensive initiative to move forward economically.

Most recently, SEDC has partnered with a number of entities to move forward with a Tourism Advertising Campaign and a Customer Service Champion awards program.  The City Council has directed the SEDC Board to oversee the management of the municipal golf course and an airport expansion project.

At the beginning of 2009, the Board requested, and received, a name change from Sonora Industrial Development Corporation, to Sonora Economic Development Corporation, to better reflect its overall mission in Sonora.

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