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Sonora Texas Profile

2008 Population:

Sonora: 3,060
Sutton County: 4,303

Geographic & Climate information:

Annual average temperature 66 degrees
Monthly average high temperature 80 degrees
Monthly average low temperature 52 degrees
Annual average precipitation 22 inches
Annual average snow fall 1 inch

The annual income for Sutton County is $59 million with per capita income at $14,835. The principal source of income is the oil and gas industry and related service companies. Other income is derived from agriculture, tourism, and retail business. The major employers in descending order are:

Number of employees

Sonora Independent School District www.sonoraisd.net 160
Creek Swabbing (oil & gas service company) 75
HighMount Exploration & Production (oil & gas company) 67
Sutton County (government) 55
Dowell Schlumberger (oil & gas service company) 50
Carl J. Cahill Inc. (Dirt Contractor) 47
Lillian Hudspeth Memorial Hospital www.sonora-hospital.org 65
Nabors (oil & gas service company) 38
City of Sonora 35
Texas Department of Transportation 30

Total Agricultural income excluding government support programs is approximately $15 million annually. According to 1993 figures, major agricultural commodities and income in descending order are:

Beef Cattle $3,328,000
Hunting $2,700,000
Sheep $1,492,000
Goats $1,030,000
Mohair $ 315,000
Wool $ 112,000

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