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307 East Oak St., Sonora, TX 76950
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Business Retention & Expansion (BR&E)

 This program is for existing businesses looking to remain in Sonora or expand their current business. Expansion can be by means of adding to a building, moving to a new location, adding equipment for a new product line/service or training workforce. 

The purpose is to increase sales tax or ad valorem tax (real or personal) or for workforce development to increase skilled labor in our area. 

Summary of BR&E Program (updated October 4, 2023)

Business Eligibility:

  • Must be in business over 3 years.
  • Must provide proof of current sales tax report filed (if applicable to business)
  • Must provide proof of filed Federal Payroll & Unemployment also Texas Unemployment
  • Must provide financial statements
  • Must collect sales tax, have 3 or more W-2 employees or be a primary job work place.

2 programs:

  • Fast Track - Approved at SEDC level
    • Grants UNDER $10,000
  • Standard - Approved at SEDC and City Council level 
    • Grants OVER $10,000
    • 2 Public Hearings 
    • Newspaper Publication - 60 day waiting after publication


Eligible Uses:

  • Purchasing land or buildings
  • New equipment (must be registered with appraisal district if applicable)
  • Extension/addition of a building (must be registered with appraisal district if applicable)
  • Permitting, licensing, or infrastructure needs
  • Training workers for job specific duties (ex: HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, CDL, etc.)
  • Creation of new job opportunities that pay minimum living wage of $14.37 hourly.

     (2023 US Dept of Health and Human Services poverty level for a family of 4: $30,000/52.18wks/40hrs = $14.37 hourly, 2021 US Census "Persons Per Household" for Sutton County is 3.2 rounded up to 4)

For full details on the program click the link below for the guidlines:

BR&E Guidelines

Online applications are strongly encouraged, if for some reason you are unable to submit your application online, please download the application and email or bring it in to our office. 

Online BR&E Application

Download BR&E Application