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Sonora Economic Development Corporation - Homepage
307 East Oak St., Sonora, TX 76950
(325) 387-6280

Who We Are

Sonora Economic Development Corporation
307 East Oak Street
Sonora, TX 76950
(325) 387-6280


Sonora Economic Development Corporation (SEDC), was initially founded as Sonora Industrial
Development Corporation in 1980 and tasked with promoting and developing commercial, industrial and manufacturing enterprises to increase employment and support the improvement of the community.

In 1998, the City adopted the Type 4B one-half cent sales tax and authorized SEDC to use these funds to further the economic development of the community and infrastructure as specified by State law.

Several years ago, a tourism development firm collected extensive data through public workshops, providing us with a modern initiative for moving our community forward economically.

SEDC has also partnered with other local entities to ensure the success and growth of Sonora.

Through its grants and incentives, SEDC continually seeks to enhance business growth by encouraging new business as well as by expanding existing businesses.  We encourage you to explore the ways SEDC can assist you in developing new opportunities.