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Facade Grants


This program is for existing businesses looking to increase the ad valorem to property taxes. It is designed to help businesses give their store fronts a new look and repair parts of the building that are visible from the street. The focus of this program is for sales tax collecting businesses, as façade does not directly increase workforce.

Summary of Façade Program (updated October 4, 2023)

Business Eligibility:

  • Must be an existing commercial property or a business detached from residential structures.
  • Must provide proof of current sales tax report filed
  • Must provide proof of filed Federal Payroll & Unemployment also Texas Unemployment
  • Must collect sales tax
  • Must have a signed Permit Request Letter
  • Must have a signed Property Owner Approval Letter (if leasing/renting building)
  • Building must be occupied or have an agreement for occupancy

Dollar Amount:

  • Approved at SEDC level
    • Grants capped at $7,000


Eligible Uses:

  • Signs, brackets, LEDs (electronic signs)
  • Cleaning such as power washing
  • Exterior lighting fixtures (must be attached to building)
  • Sidewalks attached to building
  • Canopies or window awnings
  • Replacement of broken windowpanes, frames, broken store front glass, and doors
  • Parking lot repairs such as paving, pothole repair, parking space repaint (NO public roads)
  • Gutters or down spouts
  • Scraping, priming, and painting exterior to include murals and artwork on building façade
  • Exterior preservation treatments such as for wood, stone, and tile
  • Landscape must include irrigation or drip system (if applicable)


On October 1, 2023 the "Special Grants" will be replaced with "Façade Grants", Grease Trap grant requests will no longer be accepted after August 30, 2023. 

Facade Grant Guidelines  


Online applications are strongly encouraged, if for some reason you are unable to submit your application online, please download the application and email or bring it in to our office. 



October 1st to May 15th


Online Facade Application 2023

Download Facade Application 2023