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Sonora Economic Development Corporation - Homepage
307 East Oak St., Sonora, TX 76950
(325) 387-6280


From A to Z, Sonora has it all in the way of retail and services to the community. Sonora's tourists are treated to a choice of hotels, B&Bs, restaurants and numerous fast food establishments. To add to the tourist's experience, several boutiques and unique gift shops are scattered throughout the community to make your visit to Sonora extra special. Exiting off Interstate 10 at mile marker 400, you may choose from a number of convenience stores and gas stations,

Our community, while containing no "big box" stores, it contains all of the essentials:  Grocery, automotive, lumber, hardward, guns and ammunition, livestock feeds and supplies and more. Two discount stores, Dollar General and Family Dollar, are very competitive with Wal Mart prices and offer a wide variety of everyday items.

A variety of places to eat including a steakhouse, Mexican foods, barbecue, a deli and several of the popular fast food establishments such as Dairy Queen, Sonic and Pizza Hut.

As you can see, Sonora's retail remains a driving force to the economy and serves the community well.