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307 East Oak St., Sonora, TX 76950
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Sonora Texas Profile

2017 Population of Sutton County is estimated to be 3,858.

Geographic & Climate information:

Annual average temperature 66 degrees
Monthly average high temperature 80 degrees
Monthly average low temperature 52 degrees
Annual average precipitation 22 inches
Annual average snow fall 1 inch

Elevation: 2,138 feet

The median household income in Sutton County is $51,667.00. The principal source of income is the oil and gas industry and related service companies. Other income is derived from agriculture, tourism, and retail business. 

 Tax Rate (Per $100 of assessed value):

      Sutton County                         2.6067

      City of Sonora                           .6100

      Sonora ISD                              1.04

      Hospital District                         .19

      Underground Wtr Consv Dist    .05

  Total Ad Valorem Rate:                4.9467

  Municipal Sales Tax:

       City of Sonora Gen Fund       1.25

       State of Texas                        6.25

       Economic Development           .50

       City Street Maintenance           .25

 Total Sales Tax                             8.25%

 Hotel/Motel Tax                             7     %



     Sonora Independent School District provides Elementry, Middle School and High School education from campuses located in Sonora.

     Angel State University and Howard College campuses are located 65 mile north at San Angelo Texas.

     State Industrial Job Training and Vocational Training are also available in San Angelo and special workforce education can be made available through the Cncho Valley Workforce Development Board in San Angelo.






For detailed demogaphic reports, please click on the links below. Taken from information provided by AGS (Applied Geographic Solutions):

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